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Oklahoma State University

Spears Business Engagement Group accepting applicants for Fall 2014

SBEG director and students with a client
Matt Renz, Blake Zimmerman, Ashlyn Spradlin, Chris Meyers (SBEG client and CEO of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives), Jerry Rackley (SBEG Director).

Oklahoma State University’s Spears Business Engagement Group (SBEG) is now accepting applications for Fall 2014. The SBEG is an experiential learning opportunity where students work in teams to solve business problems for real clients. Most clients that work with the SBEG need help promoting their products or services, so the work tends to have a strong marketing orientation. Previous clients include both for profit and non-profit organizations.

Participation in the SBEG is by application, and students can earn three credit hours through a special section of MKTG 4550 while gaining valuable hands-on experience that employers seek. SBEG students spend almost no time in class. Instead, they meet with their clients and as a group, under the supervision of the SBEG director. Teams typically meet at least once a week and communicate frequently with their client. In a nutshell, SBEG is much more like an internship than a class.

Current and former participants of the SBEG have found this experience equips them for professional success. Client management, communication, leadership, and practical problem-solving are on the short list of skills that students gain as SBEG consultants. Even though the SBEG does not meet regularly as a class, the workload and time commitment is every bit as rigorous, if not more so, than a three-credit hour course. For this reason, participation in the SBEG is not recommended for students taking more than 15 hours. Producing success for clients is the primary criteria for earning a good grade for SBEG participation. Creativity, discipline, and team-work are also factors of students’ success.

If you’d like to learn business by doing business, the SBEG is now accepting applications for student consultants for the Fall 2014 semester. Please click here to submit your application.

If you have questions or wish to learn more, contact the SBEG director Jerry Rackley, or 405.744.4769

To be considered for the SBEG, submit your application by April 30, 2014.