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Oklahoma State University
economics and legal studies

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Student Publications

Current and former economics graduate students at Oklahoma State University have published research in many well respected journals in economics and related fields, both independently and with OSU faculty. Research profiles for many of our recent students can be found at Research Papers in Economics (RePEc).

A sample of recent student and alumni publications (with student names in bold) includes:

  • Al-Rashidi, Atef, and Bidisha Lahiri. (2013). The effect of exchange rate volatility on trade: correcting for selection bias and asymmetric trade flows. Applied Economics Letters, 20(11), 1121-1126.
  • Chakrabarty, Durba, and Levent Kutlu. (2014). Competition and price dispersion in the airline markets. Applied Economics, 46(28), 3421-3436.
  • Davidsson, Michael, and Dan S. Rickman. (2012). US micropolitan area growth: A spatial equilibrium growth analysis. The Review of Regional Studies, 41(2, 3), 179-203.
  • Ding, Hui, and Jaebeom Kim. (2012). Does inflation targeting matter for PPP? An empirical investigation. Applied Economics Letters, 19(18), 1777-1780.
  • Kim, Jaebeom, and Hui Ding. (2016). Inflation targeting and real interest rate parity: A bias correction approach. Economic Modeling, Forthcoming.
  • Guettabi, Mouhcine, and Abdul Munasib. (2015). The impact of obesity on consumer bankruptcy. Economics & Human Biology, 17, 208-224.
  • Rickman, Dan S., and Mouhcine Guettabi. (2015). The Great Recession and nonmetropolitan America. Journal of Regional Science, 55(1), 93-112.
  • Lazarte Alcala, Naneida Regina, Lee C. Adkins, Bidisha Lahiri, and Andreas Savvides. (2014). Remittances and income diversification in Bolivia’s rural sector. Applied Economics, 46(8), 848-858.
  • Winters, John, and Yu Li. (2016). Urbanization, natural amenities, and subjective well-being: Evidence from U.S. counties. Urban Studies, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1177/0042098016631918.
  • Kazianga, Harounan, and Francis Makamu. (2016). Crop choice, schooling participation and child labor in developing countries: Cotton expansion in Burkina Faso, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1093/ajae/aaw061.
  • Mitchell, David M., and Keith Willett. (2012). Modeling transactions costs in a regional transferable discharge permit system for phosphorus runoff. Journal of Regional Analysis & amp; Policy, 42(2), 126-138.
  • Osei, Michael, and Zhiguang Wang. (2015). Seasonality and stochastic volatility in wheat options. Journal of Economics, 41(1), 1-20.
  • Azam, Mehtabul, and Chan Saing. (2016). Assessing the impact of District Primary Education Program in India. Review of Development Economics, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1111/rode.12281.
  • Currier, Kevin M., and Yanming Sun. (2014). Market Power and Welfare in Electricity Markets Employing Tradable Green Certificate Systems. International Advances in Economic Research, 20(2), 129-138.
  • Partridge, Mark D., Dan S. Rickman, M. Rose Olfert, and Ying Tan. (2016). International trade and local labor markets: Do foreign and domestic shocks affect regions differently? Journal of Economic Geography, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1093/jeg/lbw006.
  • Partridge, Mark D., Dan S. Rickman, M. Rose Olfert, and Ying Tan. (2015). When spatial equilibrium fails: Is place-based policy second best? Regional Studies, 49(8), 1303-1325.
  • Partridge, Mark D., Dan S. Rickman, Ying Tan, and M. Rose Olfert. (2015). U.S. regional poverty post-2000: The lost decade. Economic Development Quarterly, 29(1), 38-48.
  • Munasib, Abdul, and Xi Tian. (2015). Impact of institutions on social network formation: Communist party membership and social network investment in China. Applied Economics, 47(45), 4829-4846.
  • Lahiri, Bidisha, and Xi Tian. (2013). Structural break between small and large firms’ behaviour in trade credit and bank credit: Evidence from India’s retail sector. Applied Economics Letters, 20(2), 199-202.
  • Rickman, Dan, Hongbo Wang, and John Winters. (2016). Relative teacher salaries and the decision to teach. Contemporary Economic Policy, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1111/coep.12195
  • Wang, Hongbo. (2016). Do mandatory U.S. state renewable portfolio standards increase electricity prices? Growth and Change, 47(2), 157-174
  • Rickman, Dan S., and Hongbo Wang. (2015). U.S. regional population growth 2000-2010: Natural amenities or urban agglomeration? Papers in Regional Science, Forthcoming. DOI: 10.1111/pirs.12177.
  • Yu, Yihua, Jing Wang, and Xi Tian. (2016). Identifying the flypaper effect in the presence of spatial dependence: Evidence from education in China’s counties. Growth and Change, 47(1), 93-110
  • Yu, Yihua, Xinye Zheng, and Yi Han. (2014). On the demand for natural gas in urban China. Energy Policy, 70, 57-63.
  • Yu, Yihua, and Dan S. Rickman. (2013). US state and local fiscal policies and non‐metropolitan area economic performance: A spatial equilibrium analysis. Papers in Regional Science, 92(3), 579-597.